Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Kate.  I am a middle school ENL teacher by day, and crafter, creative mind, kitchen experimenter, and adventurer the rest of the time.  

I live with my amazing boyfriend Dave and our fur babies--Diegothedog (yes, we usually refer to him this way), and our two cats Kasha and Kitty (ok--so I wasn't super creative with names).  They are usually always in the way, laying at my feet, or rolling in my crafting supplies (the animals are, not my boyfriend), which is how this blog got its name.  


Diego the spoiled dog.  He acts like a toddler.

I adopted Diego in 2006, when I was living in Orlando.  He's definitely a warm weather dog.  He constantly lays in any patch of sunlight he can find and puts up a fuss about going outside in the snow.  He loves to follow us around, whining constantly, even when he's been fed, come in from outside, or currently being petted.  

Kitty trying to hide on the couch...constantly on the lookout for Kasha.
Kitty was the second addition to my furbaby family.  I adopted her before I moved home from Florida in 2009.  She was my college graduation gift to myself.  While I was working at a pet store, a manager found her and her brother (who sadly didn't survive) in a box.  Whenever I would go in the back room of the store, she would immediately crawl to the front of her cage and start meowing.  She pretty much ignored everyone else.  I, of course, took this as a sign and decided she had to come home to me.  She also has no tail--it's more of a little nub, like a bear cub has.  I call her the Tailless Wonder.  She's pretty terrified of everything, and spends all of her time hiding upstairs.  She sleeps on top of us every single night.

Kasha making her "broken" face.
Kasha trying to "help" with our home renovations--AKA lounging around and getting in the way 😊
Kasha is technically Dave's cat.  His friend was moving and couldn't take her with, so we added her to our family.  She wants desperately to be friends with Kitty, who hisses and runs away whenever Kasha comes into sight.  Kasha spends her days roaming our yard, sleeping, and eating Diego's food, among other things.  She also becomes "broken," when she sticks her tongue out and forgets to put it back inside her mouth.  

Join me for different crafting projects, recipes (or laughing at my attempts in the kitchen), and other lessons as I navigate through this crazy life!  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have!

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